Agrizest Trial Summary 2: Kiwifruit.

Effect Of Agrizest Treatment On Fruit Quality, Yield And Orchard Gate Returns.

Trial Location:

Challenge Orchard, Te Puke, New Zealand

Trial Objectives:

To show that Agrizest will:

  1. Increase yield

  2. Produce high quality fruit

  3. Increase Orchard Gate Returns

 This is a trial summary, a full trial report and data from additional trials is available on request

Trial Design: Split Block Independent Commercial Trial.

Treated Block: One maturity area was treated with Agrizest. Agrizest was applied as per label: at 1 litre per hectare applied twice before flowering and twice after flowering.

Control Block: The control block was not sprayed with Agrizest but was otherwise treated the same.

  • The sprays were applied by the orchardist/contractor.

  • All other treatments, pruning etc. of the blocks were the same.

  • This is a large split block trial to eliminate random errors.

  • The total crop was evaluated to eliminate sampling errors.

  • Quality and yield aspects were electronically detected or measured to avoid subjective assessment errors.


Analysis Methods

  • Industry standards were used to measure quality and yield.

  • AgFirst Preharvest Maturity Clearance data and pack out results from the grower nominated packhouse (EastPack) were used.

  • The Zespri Grower Payment forecast February 2015 was used to calculate financial values.

  • The calculated Orchard Gate Return does not account for the variable post-harvest (storage) incentives or costs or service payments.

  • The packing cost is based on EastPack’s notice to suppliers.


Agrizest increased Orchard Gate Returns (OGR) by $15,595 compared with the Control.

Agrizest increased productivity (dry matter per hectare) by 41%

The increased OGR in the Agrizest treated block is largely due to the increase in trays packed:


Higher production did not negatively impact fruit size, TZG or quality.

The additional 2809 trays produced in the Agrizest treated block did not negatively impact the fruit size profile compared to the control:


The TZG for Agrizest treated fruit was 0.46 and control was 0.49, therefore not significantly different.


The table below is the summary of the results converted to per hectare basis:



Agrizest treatment

  1. Improved productivity: increased fruit dry matter production by 41% (1959 Kg)

  2. Did not negatively impact fruit size ( Control 26.2 & Agrizest 26.7) or quality

  3. Increased harvested yield by 43%

  4. Increased orchard gate returns by $15,595 per hectare.

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