Agrizest Trial Summary 4: Kiwifruit

Effect Of Agrizest Treatment On Fruit Quality, Yield And Orchard Gate Returns Compared To A Foliar Fertiliser with “vitamins, amino acids, growth factors…”

Kiwifruit (G3).

Trial Location:

Te Puke, New Zealand

2018/2019 Season results.

Trial Objectives:

To Show That Agrizest will:

1. Lift Orchard Gate Returns

2. Improve Fruit Quality.

plus compare the performance of a maturity block treated with Agrizest to a block treated with a foliar fertiliser spay.

The trial was carried out in response to claims that a foliar fertiliser is ‘the same as Agrizest’.

This is a trial summary, a full trial report and data from additional trials is available on request.


Trial Design: Split block, independent, commercial scale trial.

‘Treated Block’ – One maturity area was treated with Agrizest.

Agrizest was applied as per label at 1 litre per hectare applied twice before flowering and twice after flowering.

No foliar nutrient sprays were applied.

‘Foliar Fertiliser Block’ or ‘Control’ – the other maturity area received the foliar fertiliser sprayed at a rate of 2.5 litres per hectare. The spray is a foliar fertiliser claimed to contain vitamins, amino acids and proteins, betaines and growth factors.

  • The sprays were applied by the orchardist/contractor.

  • All other treatments, pruning etc. of the blocks were the same.

  • This is a large split block trial to eliminate random errors.

  • The total crop was evaluated to eliminate sampling errors.

  • Quality and yield aspects were electronically detected or measured to avoid subjective assessment errors.

Final Pack-Out Data

Table 1. Comparison of tray numbers, fruit payment, TZG and Orchard Gate returns on a per hectare basis.

Table 1. Comparison of tray numbers, fruit payment, TZG and Orchard Gate returns on a per hectare basis.

The final pack-out data shows that the Agrizest treatment delivered:

1. Increased yield (+3000 trays/ha)

2. A 19% increase in fruit payment

3. Higher TZG payment. Note: The TZG of the fertiliser block was slightly higher than the Agrizest block, however, the fertiliser block was harvested later than the Agrizest block. 

4. A 33% reduction in rejects

5. An increase in in Orchard Gate Returns (an additional $20,558 per hectare) compared to the foliar fertiliser treated area.



Kiwifruit treated with Agrizest outperformed blocks treated with a fortified foliar fertiliser in terms of tray numbers, fruit payment, TZG payment and reduced rejects. 

Agrizest treatment increased orchard gate returns by $20,558 per hectare compared to the foliar fertiliser.

This trial clearly demonstrates that the Agrizest treated block outperformed the area treated with the foliar fertiliser spray.

Agrizest is not a foliar fertiliser.  Agrizest works by eliciting the phenylpropanoid pathway: bioactive molecules that enable optimal plant health and fruit quality

We have a large body of trial data - available on request - Please Contact Us for more information.