Biozest Inventor and Scientist Returns from Presenting Data At International Greenhouse Gas Conference

Zest Biotech founder and inventor of Biozest, Nathan Balasingham, submitted a paper and was selected to give an oral presentation at the 7th GGAA – Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference in Foz do Iguassu, Brasil.

The GGAA is the world’s premier conference on livestock emissions research. Every three years it brings together leading scientists and policy makers to review current knowledge and present significant new developments and advances in measuring, modelling and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture. The last GGAA was held in Australia in 2016 and previous events have taken place in Ireland (2013), Canada (2010), New Zealand, Switzerland and Japan. We were excited to be selected to present our work alongside leading scientists from around the world.

Nathan presented our trial work and data at the conference and the paper abstract has been published in the conference proceedings (pg 94). Many international scientists approached Nathan and commended him on his work and the extent of the trial work Zest Biotech has completed yet we have been met with closed doors at home in New Zealand.

The science is well established and the data has been presented internationally. We do have a technology that will help farmers to meet the government’s proposed emissions and nitrate limits while also increasing pasture and animal productivity.

We look forward to working with more Kiwi farmers to ensure farmers are not backed into a corner by new legislation - we can increase productivity and reduce the environmental impact of farming now.

View summaries from just some of the trials undertaken on farms across New Zealand. Trial work includes large scale (commercial scale or real-world condition) trials carried out on entire herds or farms (e.g. milk production trials, dry stock farm trials) as well as controlled, smaller scale, split block/paddock trials (e.g. pasture productivity trials).

Please note we can only present a summary of results online - full data and trial information may be supplied on request.