Agrizest is formulated for vine and tree crops such as kiwifruit, grapes, apples and other tree crops. For annual crops, flowers and other soft tissue plants use Primazest.

used by top kiwifruit growers for 13 years.
Agrizest has a strong track record of success
And data to Prove Agrizest Increases Quality and Yield.
The bottom line is:
Agrizest Increases Orchard Gate Returns.

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Agrizest is a unique Kiwi technology proven to increase plant health and orchard gate returns (OGR) in New Zealand orchards for over 10 years.

Agrizest is an elicitor of the phenylpropanoid pathway for plant health, fruit quality and productivity.

Main benefits of using Agrizest:

  • Improve plant health

  • Reduce damage and stress caused by pests, disease & environmental factors

  • Improve fruit quality & yield

  • Increase orchard gate returns (OGR)

Agrizest is authorised by MPI (under the ACVM Act 1997) as exempt from registration and can be used on all crops with nil withholding period & nil waiting period.

  • Agrizest is included in the Zespri 2018/19 Allowed Other Compounds (AOC) list and can be added to your spray calendar.

  • Agrizest is certified by BioGro for use in Organic Production.


For trial data on apples, grapes, kiwifruit and more: please see our Research pages.

Why Would I Use Agrizest?

  • Agrizest is a proven New Zealand-made product that helps you to achieve optimal plant health and performance.

  • Agrizest increases plant productivity, improves fruit quality and boosts orchard gate returns. In kiwifruit orchards, for example, just four sprays result in a minimum increase in orchard gate returns of $5000 per hectare.

  • Agrizest is commercially proven, having been extensively peer reviewed and independently verified by the scientific community.

  • By using Agrizest, you can also expect the following improvements in fruit quality:

    •  Dry matter
    •  Flavour
    •  Colour
    •  Resistance to damage from pests and disease
    •  Reduced rejects

Agrizest can be applied to a wide range of crops including kiwifruit, apples, grapes, berries, avocados and more.


How Does Agrizest Work?

  • Phenylpropanoids are a range of bioactive molecules, naturally produced by all plants, responsible for important plant and fruit quality characteristics.  They also support the repair, growth and defence systems (immune systems) of plants.

  • Examples include lignin and suberin to harden cells and produce crunchier fruit, flavanoids for improved flavour, anthocyanins for high colour and coumestrol and other oils to repair damage.

  • When Agrizest is applied to plants it triggers and elicits the production of these molecules, ultimately enabling optimal plant health and fruit quality.

  • Agrizest is not a hormone spray, fortified seaweed or fertiliser and does not leave any residue.


If you have any questions that are not answered here or would just like to talk to us about your crop please contact us.

Q1: What is in Agrizest?

A1: Agrizest is manufactured from plant extracts, fatty acids, phospholipids, plant compatible organic acids & wetting agents.

Q2: How does Agrizest work?

A2: Agrizest works indirectly to elicit phenylpropanoids. Phenylpropanoids are a range of bioactive molecules naturally produced by plants.  Phenylpropanoids are responsible for a range of fruit quality characteristics and plant health aspects which result in:

  • Improved plant and vine health &

  • Reduced damage and stress caused by pest, disease & environmental factors &

  • Improved fruit quality and yield &

  • Increased Orchard gate returns


Q3: Is Agrizest registered?

A3: Agrizest has been classified by the Ministry of Primary Industries – MPI – (ACVM Group) and is exempt from registration. For kiwifruit: Agrizest is included in the Zespri Allowed Other Compounds (AOC) list and can be added to your spray calendar.

Q4: Can I Use Copper if I also Use Agrizest?

A4: Yes. Agrizest can be added to your usual spray programme. While Agrizest can be mixed with many commonly used sprays it must not be mixed with copper or hormones such as Actiguard and CPPU.

Q5: What crops can I use Agrizest on?

A5: Kiwifruit, Grapes & Fruit Trees, Agrizest is also certified by BioGro for use in organic production. There is a Zest Biotech product for every crop

Q6: If weather conditions are not conducive to Agrizest application e.g. threat of showers/rain can the product be applied & be effective?

A6: Yes, and this is because Agrizest is effective on leaf contact, not requiring full cover or drying time.


Q7: Can I mix Agrizest with additional products?

A7: Agrizest is compatible with commonly used orchard sprays but; if unsure compatibility must be tested prior to use. Do not mix with copper or hormones including Actiguard and CPPU. Always read the label.


Q8: Is a wetting agent required when using Agrizest?

A8: No.

Q9: How many litres of water do I mix with Agrizest?

A9: Typical rates are 1 litre of product to 500-1000 litres of water per hectare. The water rate you use depends on your sprayers and the canopy but always ensure the application rate of Agrizest is 1 litre per hectare.

Q10: Are there any fruit finish concerns with the use of Agrizest?

A10: No, in fact Agrizest reduces physiological problems e.g. misshapen fruit and improves fruit finish.


Q11: Are 4 sprays of Agrizest necessary to maximise improvements in yield & quality?

A11: Yes. For Kiwifruit this is at 2 key stages – pre and post flowering – please read the label & follow the Agrizest Spray Programme for Kiwifruit. For Apples, grapes and other crops please contact us.

Q12: What measures should I take if Agrizest is accidentally spilled?

A12: Dilute & wash away with plenty of water. Agrizest is compatible with all waste water systems.