Primazest is formulated for early kiwifruit growth, annual crops, flowers and other soft tissue plants. For vine and tree crops such as kiwifruit, grapes, apples and other deciduous trees use Agrizest.

Case Study: Commercial Gerbera Operation, Auckland

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“Primazest has changed the way we grow. After having ongoing pH problems our plants became very sick and Primazest was the only product that was able to bring them back to full health. We have noticed so many benefits since using this product. Longer stem length, larger flowers, brighter colours & healthier plant growth. “

Nicola and Jenna, Gerbera Growers, Auckland.

These photographs were taken before Primazest treatment began in late October and at various stages over the 1st 16 weeks of treatment with Primazest:


What is Primazest?

Primazest is formulated for early season kiwifruit growth and to improve quality & yield in annual crops and soft tissue plants such as cut flowers and strawberries.

  • Early Growth Kiwifruit

  • Cut Flowers

  • Annual Crops

Using Primazest encourages:
• Strong growth
• Reduced damage
• Recovery from stress caused by variable weather
conditions such as high winds, heat, drought and frost

For Kiwifruit: Primazest is specifically formulated to reduce stress from copper application and to support energy production during
early growth stages before leaves are fully developed.

Primazest is authorised by MPI (under the ACVM Act 1997) as exempt from registration and can be used on all crops with nil withholding period & nil waiting period.

  • Primazest is included in the Zespri 2018/19 Allowed Other Compounds (AOC) list and can be added to your spray calendar.

  • Primazest is certified by BioGro for use in Organic Production.


How Does Primazest Work?

  • When Primazest is applied to plants it triggers and elicits the production of bioactive molecules called phenylpropanoids which enable optimal plant health and fruit quality.

  • Phenylpropanoids are a range of bioactive molecules, naturally produced by all plants, responsible for important plant and fruit quality characteristics.  They also support the repair, growth and defence systems (immune systems) of plants.

  • Examples include lignin and suberin to harden cells and produce crunchier fruit, flavanoids for improved flavour, anthocyanins for high colour and coumestrol and other oils to repair damage.

  • Primazest is an elicitor - it is not a hormone spray, fortified seaweed or fertiliser and does not leave any residue.

  • Primazest is formulated specifically for soft tissue crops such as annuals and early season vine growth.