Zest Biotech provides innovative products to enable optimal plant health and livestock performance. Our products have been used by growers and farmers across New Zealand for more than 10 years.

Our 13th Year helping Kiwifruit GROWERS achieve great results!

Contact our kiwifruit orchard specialist today to find out about the Agrizest spray programme and how to improve vine health, fruit quality and yield.

The Benefits of Using Zest Biotech Products


Our range of elicitor products improve crop and pasture performance. Our products are safe to handle and apply. ACVM exempt and certified by BioGro. There is a Zest product for all crops and farm types.

Proven Performance

Scientifically formulated to trigger responses from plants' immune systems and increase the production of bioactive compounds (phenylpropanoids), our products are proven to improve the performance of crops, pasture and livestock.


Better quality crops, such as kiwifruit and apples, mean healthier returns. Biozest treated pasture enables livestock to produce more milk and meat and less waste. Our products enable farmers and growers to sustainably increase productivity.


Featured Products



Agrizest is an elicitor of the phenylpropanoid pathway for plant health and orchard gate returns.

  • Kiwifruit

  • Grapes

  • Apples

  • Other Tree Crops



Biozest is scientifically proven to improve pasture growth and quality and to increase milk & meat production.

  • Dairy Pasture

  • Sheep Pasture

  • Beef Pasture


Primazest is formulated for early season kiwifruit growth and to improve quality & yield in annual crops.

  • Early Growth Kiwifruit

  • Flower Production

  • Annual Crops



Naturezest helps home gardeners grow healthier, brighter and more flavourful fruit, vegetables and flowers.

  • Home Gardens

  • Fruit Trees

  • Vegetable Gardens

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